Effectv: Streaming, Sports and Traditional TV Viewing Insights Revealed in New Report

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The amount of video viewing on traditional TV sets vastly outweighs what's watched on other devices -- and more than half the reach that a campaign gets from streaming viewership is incremental to what is garnered from linear TV. Those are just two of many insights to be found in Effectv's just released TV Viewership Report. The researchers at Effectv collected and analyzed aggregated viewership data from more than 29 million households whose members watched more than 15 billion hours of TV and from more than 20,000 multiscreen campaigns garnering over 1.5 billion impressions.

The report, which is published bi-annually and offers marketers insights into consumer viewing habits, noted that while insights and data increasingly fuel the way in which TV is planned and bought, marketers need to know how to best use TV's reach and precision to be more effective in delivering results.

Highlights from this report from the second half of 2021 include:

  1. The majority of streaming viewership still occurs on traditional TV screens. The study found that, on average, Comcast households were spending more than six hours watching traditional TV daily. Overall, 78% of Effectv streaming happens on the TV screen.
  1. Traditional TV viewing is the foundation of multiscreen campaigns. Notably, 82% of multiscreen campaign reach comes from traditional TV.
  1. Streaming provides additional reach to a campaign. In fact, the results from more than 20,000 Effectv multiscreen campaigns revealed that over half of the reach from streaming was incremental to the campaign. Streaming content reached light and no traditional TV viewers while also increasing frequency.
  1. Sports programming enhances campaigns. In fact, 42% of all households reached by sports programming were incremental to the campaign.
  1. Multiscreen tactics work in similar ways regardless of the audience you want to reach. Traditional TV drove the vast majority of reach across audiences. For example, retirees had the highest unique reach from traditional TV (86%), whereas multicultural families had the lowest unique reach from traditional TV (79%). While traditional TV is the foundation of a multiscreen audience campaign, streaming extends reach. Streaming incremental reach ranged from 42% to 51% among audience segments, with the highest streaming incremental reach coming from young adults.

The report gives advertisers many other insights about when and where to place their spend and how to achieve efficiencies. Check the report for recommendations on streaming investment allocation.

The TV Viewership Report is available now. Click here to download.

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