(Subscriber Report) Corporate Spotlight: MarketShare Partners Shifts Metrics from Eyeballs to Outcomes

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MarketShare Partners (MSP) is gaining the attention of leading marketers, agencies and media companies based on sophisticated strategic marketing analytics that are redefining marketing measurement and providing unequaled tools for marketing budget allocation.

MarketShare Partners (MSP) is gaining the attention of leading marketers, agencies and media companies based on sophisticated strategic marketing analytics that are redefining marketing measurement and providing unequaled tools for marketing budget allocation. MSP has developed a suite of proprietary analytic and software solutions that enable companies to determine how best to generate sales results and effectively reach the 21st Century consumer who, in this era of media fragmentation, social media, search and commercial displacement technologies, is increasingly difficult to reach. MSP has created state-of-the-art solutions for analyzing the marketing and media ecosystem to drive optimum marketing and media efficiencies and refocus on results and outcomes rather than eyeballs.

This company profile is being provided to corporate subscribers to Jack Myers Media Business Report. (Subscribers receive detailed information on the MSP service and business model.) This bonus report is a supplement to our weekly Subscriber-Only report and is provided for information and advisory purposes. The management of MarketShare Partners participated in the preparation of this report. Learn more at www.marketsharepartners.com or contact Wes Nichols, co-founder and CEO, at wnichols@marketsharepartners.com .

Evolving Media and Marketing Metrics From Eyeballs to Outcomes

· MARKETERS leverage MarketShare Partners to optimize return on marketing investments and drive improved media efficiencies.

· ADVERTISING AGENCIES partner with MSP to established results-based relationships with their clients and attract new clients with cutting-edge media planning software.

· MEDIA OWNERS utilize MSP’s capabilities to drive increased market share, improve costs-per-thousand, generate cross-media sales and tap into clients’ below-the-line marketing budgets.

MSP has extensive experience with leading national and global brands, agencies and publishers. The company has a unique understanding of how to link marketers’ revenues and profits to variables in marketing investments, including online and offline media, pricing, product innovation and distribution, factoring in the influence of external factors such as the economy and competition. In a typical engagement, MSP will evaluate your company’s needs and based on a proprietary assessment will tailor software and analytics to your specific business challenges, working with you and key stakeholders to deploy these for successful measurable results.

The company’s solutions help address challenges such as:

· “We are in multiple regions/countries with many products – what is the optimal portfolio strategy?”

· “How does online marketing truly drive offline sales, and how should we balance on-offline mix?”

· “How much should we spend on brand advertising vs. trade promotions and pricing incentives?”

· “How do we extend relationships with our clients to create more value? And how do we differentiate ourselves to attract new clients?”

· “How can we compete on the basis of accountability rather than cost efficiency?”

MSP’s Competitive Advantage

Best in class science with real world application: MSP starts with a leadership team of renown, world-class marketing scientists – industry and academic thought-leaders with proven track records. MSP is totally objective in assessing marketing effectiveness -- recommending a clear, strategic, actionable path for marketing investments.

Unique methodological approach: One of the Company’s landmark capabilities is a deep understanding of how digital media interact with other media and impact a company’s bottom line. MSP has exclusively worked with Google to develop a cutting-edge analytics tools to define online marketing’s impact on offline marketing effectiveness and brand equity.

Insightful, Strategic Tools – “Making It Real”: For Marketers, MSP’s work doesn’t end with developing robust analytic models and recommendations. The company converts analytics to actionable recommendations, migrating the results of our models into proprietary and predictable simulation and optimization software. Clients deploy the GPS™ system to provide on-going ‘what-if’ scenarios and models.

MSP Compass™ is the industry’s first automated tool for marketing mix analytics and budget allocations. This rigorous business intelligence tool provides detailed budget and marketing mix recommendations drawn from years of prior analyses and experience.

Compass Media™ provides media companies/publishers with a resource to prove to advertisers the value and ROI of their specific offerings. Used by Forbes, Microsoft, broadcasters, Yellow Pages, social media and other media companies, Compass Media helps media companies compete based on ROI metrics and generate increased cross-platform revenues.

Compass Agency™ is being deployed by multiple advertising agencies to enable them to assure clients that marketing budgets are invested in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Compass Agency enables agencies to compete more effectively for new business, as well as retain and grow existing business by establishing themselves as an intrinsic part of the long-term strategic marketing decision-making process.

The New Point Of View on Marketing Return On Investment

In an increasingly challenging media and marketing environment, MSP addresses the need for greater marketing accountability by providing a navigation system and assuring standards for intelligent decision-making based on objective data. MSP enables companies that are investing millions of dollars in product innovation, branding, advertising, direct marketing, CRM, promotion, incentives and other marketing efforts to be competitive through a detailed understanding of the interaction and performance of marketing investments combined with a dynamic tool for forecasting the sales impact of various marketing initiatives.

Jack Myers provides advisory services to emerging companies that serve the evolving needs of media companies, agencies and marketers. He serves as a non-paid member of the Board of Advisors of MarketShare Partners.

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