Suggested Reading and Listening List: Mastering the Mobile Customer Journey – Dan Hodges

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Every so often there is a paradigm shift so big that it changes everything. Welcome to a world in which smartphones, proximity targeting and big data are all changing simultaneously, and in real time.

I hear from marketers, “How do I stay informed with all the changes in technology?” and “Are there any good books that are worth reading on this subject?” I am happy to report that there are excellent resources available to improve your knowledge of mobile, proximity targeting and big data.

Below, I have listed daily publications, books and weekly podcasts that will help to get you started.

Five Publications You Should Read Daily

Mobile Marketer
Mobile Commerce Daily
Mobile Insider
#MCommerce Daily

Five Books Your Should Read In The Next 90 Days

The Mobile Mind Shift: Engineer Your Business to Win in the Mobile Moment by Ted Schadler, Josh Bernoff and Julie Ask

This book was published in June 2014 and is the most current book with up to date insights and research. The book rightly points out that smartphones have forever reprogrammed your customer’s brains.

Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel

This is the most comprehensive book on the power of context and technology combined.

Mobile Influence: The New Power of the Consumer by Chuck Martin

Mobile expert Chuck Martin provided an in-depth view of the power of the smartphone consumer.

Mastering the Hype Cycle: How to Choose the Right Innovation at the Right Time by Jackie Fenn and Mark Raskino

How do companies master the innovation cycle and reap the rewards of first mover advantage? How do you determine what is material to your business? This book provides a valuable method of evaluation.

Hooked Up: A New Generation's Surprising Take on Sex, Politics and Saving the World by Jack Myers

What can marketers expect from the next generation of consumers? Jack Myers shows how the “Hooked Up” generation born into a fast-paced world of technology and disruption will shape the future.

Three Podcasts That You Should Listen To Weekly

This Week in Location Based Marketing -- Rob Woodbridge from UNTETHER TV and Asif Khan from The Location Based Marketing Association discuss the most relevant stories in the location based industry.

UNTETHER TV -- Rob Woodbridge interviews the leading mobile companies and mobile thinkers in the world and offers strategy and tactics to help you bring mobile into your business or create your mobile business.

Six Pixels of Separation -- The Twist Image Blog is marketing and communications insights from the edge. Mitch Joel unravels the complex world of digital marketing and social media with the perspective of a digital marketing agency.

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