Sweep Away The Competition With Jersey Shore - DailyTRA


Advertisers wanting to learn which programs are best for advertising their products use TRA’s patented Media TRAnalytics® to reallocate their media spend thereby eliminating waste and improving ROI. One snippet of TRA’s capabilities is shown below and demonstrates that Cleaning Tool buyers indexed highest in terms of Purchaser Rating Points™ (PRP™) – that is, they watched Jersey Shore more than any other top cable program for the week of Feb 21st – thus, becoming the most valuable real estate for advertisers of cleaning tools such as Swiffer, Mr Clean, and Clorox etc. Networks trying to entice media buying decisions their way can now use PRPs to demonstrate the right audience to desired advertisers. Find out more about Media TRAnalytics® because let’s face it, without this vital information; you’re starting at a disadvantage.

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