Ten “Simple” Ways to Give (and Get) Something Extra in Life

By 1stFive Archives
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Giving something extra on a consistent basis is what creates a positive word of mouth. Looking and behaving professionally wherever you go is part of this ethic, and so is developing a commitment to excellence. There are many ways that you can incorporate this ethic into the way you do business without losing money or working yourself ragged, but actually increasing the pleasure in what you do. This is especially resonant during the holiday season, but it applies year-round. Here are Ten “Something Extra” Ideas that win trust and credibility.

1. Replenish -- So You’ll Have Something Extra to Give

As important as it is to extend yourself by giving something extra, it is equally important to recognize the need for balance and replenishment so you can give what it takes to succeed. Successful people don’t ignore their own needs for family relationships, friendships, exercise and rest. Even if you love your work, and I hope you do, don’t forget to replenish yourself at the end of each day by giving yourself something extra along the way. As you plow through a particularly difficult project or face the pressure of a deadline, give yourself permission to postpone some daily chores. Take a walk with your family instead of rushing to wash the dishes. Enjoy a good workout or listen to your favorite music before bed.  You’ll find that just a few minutes a day of whatever brings you peace will help you stay focused and enthusiastic about your work. Failure to replenish willzap you of the joy in what you do, and without that there is no success.

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