Thanks Rupert, Lachlan, Charles, Christopher, Steve, Rush, Zuck and Jack ...

By Paul Maxwell Report Archives
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... and, oh yeah, Tucker Carlson, who went live on his Fox News program making excuses. Just look what all of your advertising profits bought for America. After five long years of promoting -- and, most importantly, profiting from -- one batshit crazy American late-comer politician, your greed (and, I suppose, our complicity) led to one of the most disheartening, disgusting spectacles in our nation’s history.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021 was an absolutely horrific day spent watching only the second mob to ransack America’s center of democracy … just think, British troops and a Presidentially incited 99% white mob have been the only ones to trash the place. And all that as a sitting Vice President had to be taken into protective custody before he could actually follow through with his duty to certify electoral college votes cementing Joe Biden’s winning of the next Presidential term.

I had read in the The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, The New York Timesand The Seattle Times that President Donald Trump would be speaking to his crowd near the Capitol grounds early Wednesday afternoon in Washington, D.C. I tuned in to see our President yelling his encouragement at a mob of his true believers, but I’ve witnessed the rantings of this spoiled, powerful toddler before, so I changed the channel.

Until a news bulletin interrupted my iPad with news that the House and Senate buildings were being invaded. I quickly turned to CNN … and there was something I hadn’t even seen in Saigon.

How could this be? I mumbled.

Oh, yeah. Just a little bit earlier I watched our President begin to tell his mob to be a real mob. I guess I was just too naive to understand he really meant it. But I should have understood. After all, he started that speech five years ago at the bottom of that escalator in Manhattan. It was a damn good speech for garnering attention -- and advertising. After all, Rush Limbaugh had been preaching the same thing for years … all thanks to Roger Ailes, who had preached it to Richard Nixon decades before … and who brought it to cable television … and to more ad dollars.

All of which led to this on Wednesday: A buffoon who pardoned the murderers in Iraq (among other equally heinous acts) inciting a mob to storm the United States Capitol. All with the blind-eyed, money-loving embraces of the folks mentioned in the headline. (Whose last names, in case you need them, are listed below.)

Sadly, someone with real TV talent and a lot of cunning thought it could be more. We’re all a little at fault for Wednesday’s tragedies. But it turned out to produce a lot blood money.

How did we all put up with this? Now we’ll have to be in the trenches, helping put our democratic republic back together.

As per the headline, the last names of the profiteers are, in order, Murdoch, Murdoch, Herring, Ruddy, Bannon, Limbaugh, Zuckerberg and Dorsey.

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