The answer to Monday's Trivia Question: Whoopi Goldberg is the last actor to have EGOT'ed. I did give credit for Producer Scott Rudin even though I wasn't looking for him.

FIRST FIVE : Mike Pierro, Mike O'Dea, Monica Caraffa, Andrea Walters, & Alex Nagler

Honorable Mention: Karen Heniger


Friday's Cable Top 5

Delayed due to MLK Day

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5

49ers/Seahawks-FOX ?/55.9 million viewers Kristy Carruba
The Following-FOX 4.4/11.2
60 Minutes-CBS 1.3/7.8
Revenge-ABC 1.3/5.3
Criminal Minds-CBS 1.0/6.1

Sunday's Cable Top 5

Delayed due to MLK Day

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings

Keeping Up with the Kardashians-E! 94,400 Tweets
The Following-FOX 35,400 Tweets
Downton Abbey-PBS 30,900 Tweets
Rich Kids of Beverly Hills-E! 22,900 Tweets
Girls-HBO 9,600 Tweets


How I Met Your Mother

FINALLY something for all of us to sink our teeth into...a glimpse of Ted and Mom in the future, visiting The Farhampton Inn with one baby in tow and one on the way. Better than that, now we know the kids names!!! 5 points guys...give me those names for 5 points each. Mom went into labor on a visit to The Farhampton Inn. It was an episode of big revelations, as Barney drank so much the night before his wedding, he got to the telling the truth level (this is after the Jabba the Hut level and the level I get to first) where we finally learned what he does for a living. He's working for the guy who stole his girlfriend as a graduate of the Amanda Clarke School of Revenge apparently. He's keeping it simple though, no big murder plots, just working with the Feds. I wonder what he'll do after that? Guess we'll never know unless there's another spin-off coming our way that we know nothing about. Marshall needed to "bang" Lily for as long as possible so that they wouldn't have to have their big fight, but of course that did happen and Lily ran off with someone in a car. Very good episode. I could go on and on with trivia questions, but since the shows ending in March, I'm saving them all for my tribute weeks leading up to the series finale.

Hart of Dixie
I'm never going to dump this show, but it's getting ultra-hokey and sort of boring. Joel's settled in to the Bluebell way of life pretty easily, people are accepting him, he knows all the gossip and everyone has just stepped back and let Zoey and Joel just be. Wade's dating Zoey's cousin, and Zoey doesn't seem like she cares about Wade or George Tucker anymore. I guess I'm a sucker for a good love triangle, but it has to be a good one. George, Tanzy and Lindley...don't care. Did I know that the name of George's houseboat is "The Circle Line?" Funny. This whole storyline about Fillmore and Bluebell merging together bugs me and Lemon on an IPad is actually better than Lemon anywhere else. Sorry Jaime King. Zoey's musical "One Cellular Sensation" was cute, but too cute if you know what I mean. That's what Hart of Dixie is, too cute, too sweet, too hokey and yet, I'll keep watching it.

Hollywood Game Night
Yeah Hollywood Game night is back! This week's celebrity players, Tom Lennon, Retta, Alyssa Milano, Mario Lopez, Michael Chiklis & Paget Brewster. Funny how truly freaked out Mario seemed having to go up against his boyhood crush, Alyssa Milano. I think Alyssa Milano was every boy's boyhood crush. Anyway they added 2 new cool new games to the repertoire. In the first one, they showed pictures of game board pieces and you had to guess the game. I got them all right except for the Parcheesi piece. I can't even believe I remembered Parcheesi. Not one of my faves at all. Battleship, Life, Clue, Candyland, sure, but Parcheesi. Gotta give Mario credit for knowing the Risk piece. I knew that one too, and what's weird...I've NEVER played Risk...EVER! Clue Boom was another new game where you had to describe words based on a theme before a bowl of confetti exploded. I love this show. I really need a cocktail and a place on that couch. C'mon Jane Lynch...give me a shot.

Betrayal Series Finale
I couldn't be any more annoyed at the way this freaking show ended. Vic's in jail for trying to kill Sara. Okay that's fine. Sara lost all that blood, and we're supposed to believe she's fine. No brain damage, nothing. Karsten's going to jail, okay, that's fine too. Drew's running for Congress, makes sense, I'm good with that. TJ found his long lost sister at some truck stop all by himself. Stopped by, gave her half his money hit the road for San Francisco. Whatever. Elaine desperately needed a manicure, did you see her chipped black nail polish? What was with that? Still fine, I let it go, she had a funeral to plan, a kid in jail and college tours with her daughter. But when it came down to Sara and who she was going to spend the rest of her life with...NOTHING. They both drink red wine, so it's up to me to decide who met her for dinner and made her smile like that? I'm going with Jack. That's what I wanted, the writers apparently left it up to me. So Jack and Sara it is. NOT HAPPY guys.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Did we know that Kyle Richards converted to Judaism, has Shabbat dinners at her home and is throwing her daughter a Bat Mitzvah? Not to be mean, and I hope I don't offend anyone here, but Kyle is the most non-Jewish, Jew I've ever seen. I mean I really didn't know that about her and was seriously shocked. I knew Mauricio was Jewish because Andy Cohen always mentions it, but had no idea that Kyle was too. Happy to have her in my tribe, but she's got shiksa written all over her. Brandi had a book signing in her hometown and took Yolanda with her to help make amends her Dad. She's still using the missing dog as the reason why she's such a disaster. Carlton's hiring strippers and pole dancers for a party she's having. That girl's is crazier than crazy, cuckoo for cocoa puffs, cray, cray, cray. Last bit of ridiculousness was Joyce's boxing class gathering. All of these women showed up wearing as little as possible. There were boobs, real and fake, all over the place. It was a hot mess.


-Record numbers for both Championship football games on Sunday. Final ratings aren't in yet because everyone but Verizon employees was off yesterday, but here's what I do know:

  • Both games were the most watched conference championship games in more than 30 years.
  • The 49ers/Seahawks game averaged 55.9 million viewers to and was the 5th most watched conference championship game ever
  • The Patriots/Broncos game averaged 51.3 million viewers and ranked as the third most watched AFC Championship game ever

Tuesday's Trivia Question:
Michael Chikilis starred in The Commish. What was his name in that show?

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