The Balancing Act: Agility with Long-term Purpose

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Next up, we welcome Michelle Kehily of Merck to The Storytelling Revolution, as one of the marketing community's leading media innovators and thought leaders. Michelle is the vice president and global head of digital marketing and commercial excellence at Merck. In her 20-year biopharma career she has led marketing strategy and businesses across the globe. She currently leads innovation and manages the interface between strategy and execution across Merck's healthcare portfolio.

During our conversation, she shares details of Merck's exciting digital transformation journey where agility and the Japanese gemba principle of focusing on value-added steps of a process is paramount. Having led teams in key global markets, including London, Zurich, Singapore and Hong Kong, Michelle reveals the winning strategies and best practices that Merck's healthcare brands adopt to drive growth. She also articulates how the three-act storytelling structure of the Hero's Journey can be applied to the complex healthcare ecosystem of patients, physicians, hospital systems, caregivers and insurers. Michelle encourages us to abandon the Marketing Playbook of the past and use The Agility Playbook of the now instead, to build the right teams, ask the right questions and launch the right products that will make a difference in our consumer's lives. Watch Listen & Learn now.

Photo Caption: Working from Home: Kehily with her adorable little co-workers

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