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One might expect that chefs and line cooks would be big users of such products as analgesic rubs (all that chopping!), energy drinks and coffee (all those long hours on their feet!), and gastrointestinal aids (all that tasting!). But marketers with offerings in these categories should also be aware that the viewers of cooking shows are also big users of these same products. Consider that in February 2011, The Cooking Channel’s programming delivered high Purchaser Rating Points (PRPs) for those product categories noted above, as well as cough drops, rug/upholstery/fabric cleaners, spirits and more (the top 10 are detailed, below).

Knowing where to most effectively reach product purchasers is possible only through Media TRAnalytics®. And improving ROI by concentrating on the right networks and programs might actually decrease your own consumption of antacids!

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