The FQ's Ronda Carnegie on Using Your Power to Uplift Others (VIDEO)

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The Female Quotient is known for shaking up the status quo with the goal of democratizing the equity conversation; making it so women end up on the right side of history. Listen and identify ways you can create a feedback culture where your team feels part of the solution. Own your strengths by sharing what makes you "notable." Learn how you can use your proximity as a power lever that uplifts those around you. Ronda Carnegie, Chief Innovation Officer of The Female Quotient, brings these measures to action, sharing insights from McKinsey & Company's new article For Mothers In the Workplace, A Year Like No Other, showing the disproportionate effect the pandemic has had on working mothers, especially women of color, and how we can help them get back to work. Watch now!

Be sure to watch Ronda's 22-minute Giide on McKinsey Report: Mothers in the Workplace here.

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