The Female Quotient's Equality Lounge @ CES 2022 - Watch On-Demand

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Join us virtually at the Equality LoungeĀ® at CES where The Female Quotient returns as the event's official Equality Partner, January 4-6, 2022. We'll exchange ideas on building cultures of belonging and gender equality, how to recruit -- and retain -- women in leadership roles in Big Tech, why women must be at the forefront of the AI and machine learning revolution and so much more.

Featured sessions include:

  • Inclusive Advertising: What's Holding the Industry Back?
  • The Metaverse, What The Heck Is It and Here Are The Women Leading It
  • Where Creativity, Cause and Tech Converge: Using AI to Eliminate Bias in Advertising
  • Getting More Women Into Tech and Helping Them Thrive There
  • and much more.

We hope you'll tune in!

View agenda and RSVP here, or watch the live stream Tuesday thru Thursday right here at MediaVillage.

Watch Tuesday's Sessions here.

Watch Wednesday's Sessions here and here.

Watch Thursday's Sessions here and here.

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