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On this episode, we're taking a deep dive into one of our 2018 Culture Vulture trends: The Great American Crisis.

On the surface, Americans are doing well, but there's an angst that pervades consumers' outlook.  67% of consumers say, "I'm very happy with my life as is," but 59% believe that this is the lowest point in our nation's history that they can remember.

Millennials are half as likely as Baby Boomers to say that the U.S. best represents who they are, and younger generations turn to their online communities for comradery.  But those communities may not help either.  In our research, more than two-thirds of people responded that social media makes them envious of others.  So the four hours a day that the average American spends on their phone is making people feel worse!

People tend to gravitate toward groups with common values and motivations, which makes it easier to suppress dissenting perspectives.  As the values of the country shift, we anticipate more people forming stronger allegiances to those with similar sets of attitudes and beliefs, which will lead to some interesting culture changes.

This means that brands will be judged by consumers more than ever before.  For marketers, the challenge will be to stick to your overall branding approach.  If getting involved with a cause, test involvement against current and potential customers, as they will lean towards brands whose values align with their own.

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