The Month After Christmas - 2023

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'Twas the month after Christmas, somewhere around noon,
When the folks in Alaska saw a balloon.
It floated cross country. China hung in the sky.
Then we shot it down so it wouldn't fly.

Biden was nestled all snug on a train,
Across a war zone on the way to Ukraine.
But Hamas crossed the border in a terrorist raid
While Israel napped and ignored unafraid.

When out at the Capitol there arose such a clatter,
Kevin sprang from his seat, it was too late to matter.
Not Jordan, Scalise we found out in a flash.
But who is Mike Johnson, he now holds House cash.
DeSantis is down, we don't buy his show.
While Nikki Haley came up from below.

But Trump's far ahead, it would appear.
He even leads Biden, there's so much to fear.
With ninety-one counts, four indictments thick.
We can't figure out why nothing will stick.

Bur prosecute Hunter, impeach his Dad.
They don't know for what. The whole thing is sad.
More rapid than Smith, Fani Willis came.
She blew the whistle on nineteen by name.
Now Rudy, John Eastman, Mark Meadows got lumped
Together with Powell, Ellis, all Trumped.

From the top of his tower his kingdom might fall.
So stash away papers, boxed in a hall.
Like dry leaves they perished, but in life they flew.
John Carson, Willis Reed and Matt Perry too.
Jim Brown, Belafonte, both went away.
Tony Bennett, Raquel, Rosalynn Carter, Sandra Day.
Dick Butkus, Kissinger, Bobby Knight, Norman Lear
Alan Arkin, Tina Turner they all passed this year.

Meanwhile baseball hung tough to survive.
The eight second rule kept them alive.
The Rangers in five won the Series to cheers.
For the first time in sixty-three years.
The Chiefs beat the Eagles 38 - 35
Mahomes with his passing kept them alive.

The PGA Tour merged with Saudi Liv.
Players who stayed found it hard to forgive.
With an overlap kick Spain's women won the game.
But the aftermath kiss attained much more fame.
Meanwhile Kelce sure got a lift.
Not just from the Chiefs, but from Time's Taylor Swift.

Everything, Everywhere, everyone likes.
Then the writers and actors went out on strikes.
Oppenheimer's no bomb at the box office fare.
For three and a half hours we sat in our chair.
And just for good measure we did it again.
With Flower Moon, plus three hours and ten.
Then Barbie took hold, way more than a fad.
She made millions of women feel happy and glad.
Bradley Cooper as Bernstein, a cultural boon.
To be followed by Dudamel at New York Phil soon.

By mistake, in Gaza, three hostages are shot.
While Ruby and Shay, in court, won a lot.
Despite all this chaos, keep hope in sight.
Keep the spirit of Christmas and to all a good night.

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