The New Normal for Online Shopping

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What would you do to get a great deal online? Turns out that it's quite a lot, especially if you're a Millennial.

This week, our digital retail unit released new research on the different tactics people use to get discounts through e-commerce.

Using The Pool, a proprietary Mindshare research tool, we surveyed over 1,000 people ages 18 and up nationwide. In the video and below are some of the stats that stood out to us the most:


-- 26% of Millennials have faked their birthday when signing up for newsletters in hopes of getting a discount on their purchase. For the total adult population surveyed, that number drops to 17%.

-- When shopping online 47% of Millennials will intentionally leave items in a "shopping basket" in hopes of receiving a discount from the store (versus 37% of the total adults).

-- 39% of Millennials will clear their Google search history to get the best price for something they’re buying online (versus 31% of the total adults).

-- 22% of Millennials have consultants to manage their frequent flyer numbers/miles for them (versus 15% of the total adults).

It’s important for brands and retailers to stay-up-to-date on these new trends and habits so that they can adapt their marketing plans accordingly. Check out the rest of what we found on

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