The New Spirituality: Transforming Holiday Economics

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Happy Holidays. But... for the first generation to grow up with the Internet, born post-1991 and now in college and entering the workforce, the holiday season is an abstraction, a time for commercial excess far removed from any direct and causal relationship with soul enrichment. This Hooked Up Generation of Internet Natives is far less enthusiastic about spending their hard-earned money in response to high-pressure marketing campaigns and are less impressed with the "hottest," "latest" or "newest." Today's emphasis on religious holidays as justification for consumerist excess will progressively recede as these generations have families and focus their sense of purpose away from financial achievement and toward spiritual fulfillment. Marketers need to begin recalibrating their goals, strategies and messaging to meaningfully target this new audience. Watch my holiday message for insights on the new spiritual dynamics of holiday marketing. Warm wishes for a meaningful holiday season and a healthy, happy and fulfilling 2013.


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