ThinkLA's Don Lupo on Increasing Diversity in the L.A. Advertising Community -- Watch on Demand

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ThinkLA "has been around in one form or another for about one hundred years to connect, educate and inspire the Los Angeles advertising, marketing and media community," shares Executive Director Don Lupo in our Legends & Leaders conversation focused on advancing diversity and the advertising community's Black Talent Outreach Week October 17-20. Evolving out of three organizations, ThinkLA has emerged as the "thought leader in the L.A. advertising community, and we want our legacy to be that we have taken concrete action to improve and increase diversity in our industry,” Don says.

"How do we literally change the face of the advertising we are creating and make sure it is accurate and representative?" he asks. "Then, how do we bring the community together to create opportunities and to raise people up? And once young Black people join the advertising community, what infrastructure is in place across the industry as well as at individual companies to support them and keep them in the business?

"When we see young Black professionals entering the marketplace, we want to make sure that we are providing the right services for them," Don continues. "We make sure that we are here to connect them with the right people and with one of the many industry diversity groups so they can learn from them as well.”

For my full conversation with Don and his advice to those interested in advertising careers, watch the video above.

The media and advertising community are hosting Black Talent Outreach Week October 17-20, live streamed at and Promote it to your teams and support the year-long campaign to advance diverse talent recruitment with your initiative.

Originally publihsed October 17, 2022.

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