To Create the Best Environment, Vevo Gets Brands in the "Mood"

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Vevo is ready to help consumers and advertisers get into the right mood. In an effort to improve the relevancy of advertising, the music video network is launching Moods, an artificial intelligence solution that categorizes Vevo's music videos by emotion. By matching up videos and brand messages with compatible emotions, Vevo said it can increase consumer engagement and generate more positive brand association.

Bryon Schafer, Vevo's senior vice president of research, said: "Moods can help brands better achieve their marketing goals by improving context." He said advertisers have expressed desire to improve contextual relevance but have had difficulty finding larger opportunities in the marketplace.

"Everyone acknowledges that context works, but the challenge over the past few years has been to find context with scale," he continued.

For instance, an advertiser with a messaging tied to Mother's Day or Valentine's Day can target Vevo programming identified as heartfelt. A brand looking to motivate or spur action with consumers could enlist videos with "empowering" or "impassioned" moods. On the lighter side, entertainment or travel brands could attach their messages to "fun" videos.

Down the road, Schafer said Vevo will expand Moods to include additional attitudes, as well as develop other enhancements to the product. As Vevo's catalog expands and new dimensions are leveraged, Vevo's breadth offers the scale within contextual targeting that brands are looking for.

Moods was developed in partnership with music data company Musixmatch, which catalogued the audio and lyrics from Vevo's music video library. This mood-based data can be combined with Vevo's brand safety ratings, giving advertisers the added benefit of targeting within a brand-safe environment for marketers.

Vevo is rolling out Moods as part of its Upfront conversations with advertisers, and Schafer said there has been strong interest so far. Moods is part of Vevo's larger push to reorient advertisers to premium, contextual opportunities delivered at scale.

For now, the company is educating marketers about Moods and working to develop packages. "The dialogue that we're having is about the importance of context versus trying to just track down inventory," he explained.

Moods is the latest example of the kinds of advanced ad-tech that Vevo can offer through connected TV. Schafer said advertisers are extremely interested in moving money from traditional linear TV to CTV, but still working to understand the products and capabilities. Moods gives Vevo a new tool to demonstrate how advanced TV advertising and contextual targeting can deliver for brands.

"We believe cultural relevancy is a key brand health metric, and there is a huge opportunity to improve the cultural relevancy of advertising for consumers, particularly in the living room," Schafer said.

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Interact and learn more about Moods (and the examples of videos that fall under each mood)

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