Top Five Sales Attributes of 56 Cable and Broadcast TV Networks

By Jack Myers ThinkTank Archives

Accompanying this week's subscriber-only report are in-depth details highlighting the top five sales attributes of 56 general interest cable and broadcast television network, based on the results of the Jack Myers Media Business Report Survey of Advertising Executives. Respondents to the Myers survey were asked to select the top one to three attributes (among ten attributes listed) that best personify the networks. Thirty-five of the networks are credited for offering Online, Mobile and Multi-Platform Opportunities, the most frequently mentioned attribute. Innovative and Non-Traditional Sales Efforts was the second most frequently mentioned attribute (32), followed by Relevant Research Insights (31). The least mentioned attribute was Quality Sales Organization, associated as a top 5 attribute for only 13 networks. Respondents identified 25 networks as having No Meaningful Sales Organization Qualities among their top attributes. The attributes measured were: Online, Mobile, Multi-Platform Opportunities; Innovative and Non-Traditional Sales Efforts; Relevant Research Insights; Effective and Relevant Sales Presentations; Efficient Media Costs; Expensive Media Costs; Value for the Investment; Good Administrative Support Services; No Meaningful Sales Organization Qualities; Quality Sales Organization. Additional surveys are being fielded to identify the attributes of news, sports and information networks, leading websites and print media.

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