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The Internet has grown to become a very crucial part of our daily lives. We need it for communication, entertainment and even business. The proliferation of smartphones has made it an even bigger deal since our smartphones require a constant Internet connection to be able to run some of their applications and stay up to date. An Internet-connected car is an idea that many car manufactures have found to be inevitable in their 21st century line of vehicles.

With an Internet-connected car, your business on the Internet does not stop once you leave your home or office. What you get in such a car is the ability to connect to the Internet from the car's dashboard. Car manufacturers have also come up with smartphone applications to make this an even easier feature by syncing your car and smartphone.

Some of the top Internet-connected cars are:

The Ford Fiesta – This is an addition to the long Legacy of Ford Fiestas. As usual it comes with a beautiful body design, great performance and an enhanced interior. The new feature to look out for in this car is the ability to control smartphone apps through the car's interface. With its Internet connection, you can enjoy Internet radio, music and even get news feeds straight to your car and smartphone. You do not have to take your hands of the wheel, since the apps are controlled through your car's dashboard controls.

The Audi A6 – This is a car that has already set its trend in embracing new technology with every model. In the Audi, we find a dashboard that has several services powered through an Internet connection. You can find your way around using Google Earth and Google Maps. It is also possible to search for interesting locations on Wikipedia and feed the information into your navigation system for directions. These features are also available in the Audi A7 and A8.

BMW has not been left behind when it comes to Internet-connected cars. If you are the kind of person who loves to stay up to date with the events taking place on social media, you get an app that integrates your smartphone and your car's dashboard. You can then receive your Twitter and Facebook feeds on your car's dashboard. You also get to listen to Internet radio. These features specifically work with your iPhone.

Toyota also enters the category of Internet-connected cars with two models, the Lexus GS 450h sedan and the Toyota Tacoma pickup. In the Lexus, you get a big LCD screen that enables you to access an interface working with the applications integrated in your smartphone. You can utilize the Bing search engine to get directions to your destination or conduct a normal Internet search. A pickup seems to be the odd one out here, but it still meets a driver’s Internet needs.

More and more often, getting into your car does not have to cut you off from the world of Internet social media and entertainment portals.

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