U of Digital and Nielsen Collaborate to Expand Nielsen's Knowledge Advantage

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U of Digital, the leading education provider for the digital advertising and marketing technology industries, today announced a new relationship with Nielsen, a global leader in audience measurement, data and analytics. With this agreement, Nielsen is making U of Digital’s award-winning digital marketing curriculum and expert intelligence available to its global employee base in support of the company’s commitment to continuous education.

“Nielsen has long pioneered our shared belief that knowledge is power, which is underscored by the investment it has made in ensuring its global teams have access to our continuously refreshed expert-led courses and training on the exploding cross- platform TV ecosystem,” said U of Digital founder and CEO Shiv Gupta. “We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate as we help Nielsen strengthen its already incredible training programs.”

“Working with U of Digital to access their global Expert Network and increase the breadth of the knowledge and training we provide to our teams at every level was a no- brainer. heir courses, workshops, e-learning and other programs were already popular with our team, some who also lead several of U of Digital’s training programs,” said Nielsen’s Senior Vice President of Customer Experience Ryanne Laredo. "Nielsen leads the market, and one way we do that is by making sure our teams have access to the best expertise in the business. TV is changing fast, and with U of Digital in place, we can deepen our ability to serve and guide our clients.“ While U of Digital and Nielsen’s relationship provides the measurement leader with access to the full breadth of the education leader’s programs, Nielsen team members rated U of Digital’s cross-TV programs among the most desirable in the short term. Laredo believes that is because of the heavy demand her team gets for all-things TV across the marketplace.

During CES, members of the Nielsen and U of Digital teams will be showcasing the value of their relationship in a complementary event they have designed to share their collective and unparalleled insights across TV with 10 of the largest TV companies and their agency partners.

About U of Digital
U of Digital educates the digital marketing and advertising industry through a variety of different touchpoints including live workshops, e-learning, a weekly newsletter, and more. U of Digital has educated over 15,000 industry professionals, and counting, and tapped into the expertise of over 150 industry veterans for their deep knowledge of the space. Founded in 2018, U of Digital has partnered with companies such as Amazon, Amazon, Reddit, TikTok, Indeed, Criteo, Quantcast, and many more, representing over $3.5 Trillion in market cap.

About Nielsen
Nielsen shapes the world’s media and content as a global leader in audience measurement, data and analytics. Through our understanding of people and their behaviors across all channels and platforms, we empower our clients with independent and actionable intelligence so they can connect and engage with their audiences—now and into the future. Nielsen operates around the world in more than 55 countries. Learn more at www.nielsen.com and connect with us on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram).

This press release was submitted by Shiv Gupta - Founder & CEO - U of Digital.

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