Unilever Exec Shares Road Map for Business Growth and Relationship-Building

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All those who are part of the Unilever global and/or domestic U.S. supply chain, including agencies, media companies, tech suppliers, vendors, employees, the entertainment community, need to set aside one-hour this Wednesday June 17 at 1pm ET for a Jack Myers ZOOM Leadership Conversation with Aline Santos, Unilever's Global Executive Vice President Marketing and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer. Santos, in a wide-ranging discussion, will share opinions, guidance, insights and counsel to all those who engage and interact with the company. It's a road map for all executives who seek to grow their business with brands during this critical time period and beyond. Unilever, with over 150,000 employees, is not only a world leader in advancing diversity initiatives, it also has the impetus for change baked into its DNA.

In her conversation with Jack Myers, Santos will discuss a range of issues relevant to the media and advertising community and how Unilever has proactively instituted consistent change that not only impacts the company itself but society at large. Register here for the ZOOM conversation, for future Jack Myers Leadership Conversations and for on-demand viewing of all Leadership Conversations.

Among the subjects to be discussed include:

  • Unilever's leadership in creating a world for the greater good through activism and initiatives that can also advance a rippling effect throughout the industry.
  • Recognizing the impact of current events on the business from Black Lives Matter to domestic abuse to food insecurity and being sincere and authentic in addressing these issues.
  • The company's focus on product development to meets the needs of un-served or under-represented consumer groups.
  • Highlighting Unilever's ongoing efforts to break down stereotypes both within the company and throughout the global marketplace.
  • Changing the paradigm of business from the rationality of technology to a more empathetic human condition both in internal leadership and external efforts.
  • Connecting Unilever's brands to human needs and aspirations.

Being on the forefront of cultural change can be challenging but it is also invigorating, energizing, and affirming. It is also good for business as Santos' conversation with Myers will reveal. Register now for the Aline Santos Leadership Conversation at ZOOM, or view live streamed at MediaVillage.

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