Unlocking the Power of Local Advertising: Locality's Vision for Broadcast and Streaming Convergence (Video)

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Ann Hailer and Keith Kazerman Share Their Strategies for Bridging the Gap

In the fast-paced world of advertising, where the lines between traditional broadcast and streaming video blur, there's a company on a mission to simplify the complex landscape for agencies and advertisers alike. Ann Hailer, President of Broadcast, and Keith Kazerman, President of Streaming, are at the helm of this transformative endeavor, and they recently shared their vision in an enlightening interview with Jack Myers on Legends & Leadership. Watch the conversation above.

Meet Locality, the brainchild of a merger between Cox Television Sales Reps and Gamut, a venture that's been making waves since its launch in June of this year. The driving force behind Locality is a belief that it's all just TV, whether it's delivered via traditional broadcast or modern streaming platforms. As Kazerman aptly puts it, "It's all TV, whether it's via broadcast or streaming. As we look at the need to scale locally, the combination of broadcast and streaming provides that scale."

Hailer chimes in, emphasizing Locality's rich legacy of nearly 50 years in the business and Gamut's digital prowess spanning over a decade. Their goal is to shift the paradigm from an "or" world to an "and" world, where broadcast and streaming coexist synergistically. Ann points out, "The inventory we represent in these marketplaces is unmatched. Local broadcast has an impact and a connection to an audience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else."

But Locality isn't just about bridging the gap between broadcast and streaming; it's about offering a consultative approach to solve the unique challenges of local advertising. As Kazerman explains, "Market to market audiences are different. The targeting criteria needs to be different and unique to meet those needs of that audience." Each market has its own intricacies, and that's where Locality steps in to identify opportunities and work hand-in-hand with agencies.

The complex nature of local advertising execution has long been a pain point, and Hailer acknowledges this by saying, "There is an execution trade-off to how powerful local broadcast can be to the sales outcomes for advertisers, and we have shifted those challenges to ourselves to solve for and execute." Kazerman adds, "Locality acts as a direct extension of streaming publisher salesforces, ensuring guaranteed access to the local consumer. We're shouldering the hard work to simplify execution."

Locality's mission is clear: to unite both sides of the local advertising equation, creating frictionless transactions for agencies and advertisers. As Kazerman puts it, "It's a big part of our mission, and frankly, our responsibility to bring together both sides of buy and sell." The result is a consolidated media plan that reaches consumers when advertisers need it most, right at the point of purchase.

Hailer underscores the power of local advertising's connection with communities and local news. She believes that while technology advances, this trust and authenticity remain the core strengths of local advertising. "We take advantage of where we see the audiences across streaming and broadcast. But local is the most powerful medium to achieve outcomes. And it really couldn't be simpler than that," says Ann.

Behind the scenes, Locality's journey may be complex, but the outcome is crystal clear. They aim to empower advertisers to harness the immense power of local advertising while simplifying the intricate process.

To delve deeper into Locality's vision and strategies for the future of local media advertising, don't miss the full interview at www.LocalityInsites.com. Discover how Locality is transforming the local TV and streaming video landscape, one strategic partnership at a time.

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