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Welcome to the next episode of the Media Financial Management Association's (MFM's) Up and Comer video podcast, a series created by MFM's Young Professionals network to shine a light on younger MFM members who are embracing their roles as finance professionals in the media and entertainment industry. This episode features Tori Russell of Sinclair Broadcast Group, the 2022 McIntosh Scholarship recipient, whose path to Sinclair wasn't exactly direct. She clearly always loved numbers, however -- a factor that took her from teaching 5th and 6th grade math while simultaneously pursuing a master's degree in accounting to her current role as Business Manager working on specific, national projects at Sinclair. "I knew I didn't want to do tax or audit," Tori says, "but I love to dig into data, and I want to be in a position to know the data, to have the data, to be analytical, and provide insight to companies." During the past four years in Sinclair's Birmingham, AL office, Tori has increasingly had an opportunity to do so, as well as to put herself into various training and mentoring roles within the company.

Watch the video to hear Tori talk about her professional journey, why she values MFM ("it's where I started looking at the industry as a whole, and not just my job"), loves attending the Annual Conference "there's so much going on, and I get to meet all these other people who do the same thing -- but not the same thing -- [as me]"), and her plans to continue growing her career and contributing even more greatly to Sinclair.

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