U.S. Open Tennis: How the New York DMA Gives Advertisers the Home Court Advantage

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Ever since New York became the official home of the U.S. Open in 1978, fans have packed onto the 7 train and headed out to Flushing Meadows in Queens to cheer on the world’s best tennis players. The sports enthusiasts who are not lucky enough to live a mere subway ride away from the action are instead glued to their TV screens for the much-anticipated matches. According to New York Interconnect (NYI) account executive, Meryl Stemberg, advertisers looking to connect with this highly engaged audience are wise to look to the New York market for a multiscreen campaign and a winning game plan.

Stemberg originally hails from Cleveland, Ohio, but made New York her home several years ago. “I have family in Westchester, New York, right outside of the city so I grew up visiting [New York],” she said. “When I was in college, many of my friends were from the east coast which also brought me to New York often. Then once I was here: the energy, the culture, the proximity to so many major events and landmarks. It’s a hard place to leave!”

When she did ultimately become a resident of the Big Apple, Meryl soon started attending the U.S. Open annually. “I remember in 2021, seeing Coco [Gauff] when she was first breaking out on the scene. There was such a buzz around her in the crowd during her match. You just knew you were witnessing something special. I’m really looking forward to watching her play at this year’s tournament,” she said.

In addition to enjoying the annual tennis tournament, Stemberg also found herself working in another area for which New York is famous: advertising. Working in the advertising capital of the world seemed to make Stemberg’s transition to being an official New Yorker complete. “Being able to sell [advertising] in the city I’ve loved for so long - and now live in - it’s a real treat,” she said.

New York is a real treat for advertisers, too. Stemberg went on to say that it’s the #1 DMA in the nation. It’s among the most diverse and more affluent markets in the country (86% more likely to have a household income over $250K vs the total U.S. according to Scarborough USA). NYI reaches 22 million consumers watching across 73+ million screens. New York Interconnect – a joint venture among Altice USA, Charter Communications and Comcast – connects advertisers to these audiences on over 100 of the most-watched networks and streaming platforms.

“At NYI, we’re able to reach audiences whenever and wherever they’re watching,” said Stemberg. “In one media plan, we can do that for you whether it’s traditional TV, OTT, set-top box and VOD, or TV apps. We will get your spot in the right place, which makes NYI incredibly unique in the most powerful market.”

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