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For over a decade, Vevo has been a place for empowerment, elevating artists and delivering their stories the way they intended. This unlocks new meaning for viewers, and therefore, it's where fandoms are formed. Here, fans and brands are invited to connect directly with an artist's vision through sight and sound, making Vevo the destination for music video's true home.

"DSCVR Artists to Watch" (ATW) is now in its 10th year and is a celebration of emerging music artists. Giving these rising stars a voice, a platform to share their vision with the world, and get discovered.

With a legendary list of global powerhouses like Sam Smith (Class of 2014), Billie Eilish (Class of 2018), and Ice Spice (Class of 2023), Vevo's commitment to breaking through the noise and supporting artists to reach their dreams is in a class of its own. Not only does this initiative elevate an artist's profile, but there's big news for brands.

A recent study that measures the correlation between music and consumer sentiment revealed more positive "responses towards brands who associate themselves with new artists. In fact, half of consumers feel brands who surround themselves with musicians and music content get credit for being on top of the latest trends in pop culture, and they're also more likely to view brands favorably, associating them with innovation, creativity, and support for emerging talent," said Julie Triolo, Senior Vice President, Research & Marketing at Vevo.

Year after year, the DSCVR ATW list proves to be a good indicator for breakout music stars, and while the philosophy behind how they're chosen remains consistent, each year harnesses distinct differences given the trends and ever-evolving consumer landscape. Triolo explained, "Today's audiences are genre-fluid, meaning they consume music across various styles without strict boundaries. The '24 list is representative of the growing diversity and interconnectedness of the music industry." She went on to say, "the class of 2024 also demonstrates a broad range of musical styles within each genre. This diversity showcases the richness and depth of talent within each genre.

The diversity piece is meaningful for brands, as we see more and more the need for advertisers to show up authentically and virtuously as an advocate for the underrepresented. "Our research found that 44% of consumers are more likely to consider purchasing brands that advertise around their favorite music videos, while 42% are more likely to buy from brands that advertise around music video content that is diverse and representative of the world around them. Many consumers also feel brands should support diversity through their campaigns on Vevo, with 42% saying brands have a responsibility to ensure their ads run next to music videos from a diverse list of musicians," Triolo said.

"Shifting to the artists themselves, we know it's the energy and enthusiasm of the fans that catapults them into superstardom. Therefore, this highly anticipated list almost immediately changes the trajectory of some musicians' careers," Triolo explained. "To give you some examples, Billie Eilish's 2018 DSCVR Artist to Watch classmate, Feid, is also seeing an increase in popularity at the moment, following his biggest hit to date "Classy 101" with Young Miko. The Colombian star cemented a breakthrough year in his career by closing the 2023 Latin Grammys, where he was nominated for six awards. Another group of artists celebrating a major nomination is The Last Dinner Party. The British rock band has been shortlisted for the Rising Star award at the 2024 Brit Awards.

Triolo went on to say that for the "first time ever, Vevo is honoring a DSCVR Artist of the Year. The inaugural honoree is Renee Rapp, whose fame began with the comedy series on HBO Max in Sex Lives with College Girls. Her appointment as the very first DSCVR artist of the year elevates her profile as a musician on the precipice of becoming a global force in the music industry. And she's already begun to see an uptick in content consumption and engagement metrics due to this appointment."

Be sure to check out the full DSCVR Artists to Watch list and stay tuned as Vevo continues to identify and elevate music artists at every stage of their journey.

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