Video: Fist Bumps - Schmidt, Donchin, Jones, Kanefsky, Schwartz

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What does the future of the media, marketing and advertising industries hold? Find out in this installment of the Jack MyersLegends & Leaders Video Series as senior industry executives weigh in. Joining Jack are Erica Schmidt, Global CEO, Cadreon, Lyle Schwartz, President of Investment, NA, GroupM US, Andrew Donchin, CIO, Dentsu Aegis Network, US, Louis Jones, EVP Media & Data Practice, 4As, and Jason Kanefsky, CIO, Havas. See the interview above. Watch the full series here.

As he wound down the discussion, Jack Myers asked executives to share their thoughts on the industry’s future. Their responses were insightful and wide-ranging, from touching on how marketers communicate brand messages to how agencies and clients work together, and from the need to unleash the full potential of creativity to the ever-changing complexities of the media business today.

Jason Kanefsky sees the future in his children – a sort of Gen Z focus group of two. He said, “I see the future in front of us. Unless we start delivering content in a meaningful way to the next generation, they are going to miss out on our advertising.” Check out his take on the future of advertising and how messaging needs to evolve.

Louis Jones is eager to reestablish trust and confidence in the agency/advertiser relationship and shares what he thinks is a critical component in that equation here.

Andy Donchin spoke of the future in terms of creativity and innovation. “I hope the next big thing is that the handcuffs will come off and we’ll be able to do more interesting, innovative things,” he said.

Erica Schmidt and Louis Jones shared a fistbump over the desire for clients to invest in educating themselves about the complexities of the digital world. Schmidt said, “It’s incumbent upon us to do that education but also on the client to have the time and patience to take onboard that education.”

Lyle Schwartz agreed that the growth and change in business is only going to accelerate.

“Information, data, bringing results are not only part and parcel of what we’re doing but what we have to do and what we have to build on in the future…so that we can actually help our clients and the media companies thrive,” he said.

Watch more of this lively discussion here and view all the round table discussions with senior industry executives at

The Legends & Leaders Video Series was made possible by a generous grant from Warner Brothers Media Sales and is presented by Jack Myers KnowledgeExchange and MediaVillage.

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