Video: Horizon's Donnie Williams on Accountability and Digital Convergence

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Donnie Williams, Chief Digital Office of Horizon Media, shares insights on the future role of digital media for marketers, agencies and media sellers across the full ecosystem in my exclusive video interview available above. Read a sampling of Donnie's comments below and view all my Legends & Leaders interviews with industry executives at

WILLIAMS: The world is a more complex place today than it's been in the past and organizations like ours are designed to help marketers navigate the here and now and the future and it gets more and more complex. What's mission critical for us is accountability. Today our relationships with clients are built in a number of different ways depending on their needs, but in the not-distant future we anticipate our relationships being predicated on the successes that we drive and that's a measure in and of itself.

WILLIAMS: The same trickles down to the partnerships that we establish.  So I think the result of that is going to be a simplicity of offering. Especially in my world, in the digital marketing world, there's always been just thousands and thousands of different options.  Today you actually see publishers, technology providers, even analytics providers streamlining their own operations for more of a long-term benefit or with a view towards the future. That's them focusing their own internal efforts around areas that are driving this return on behalf of marketers.  So, the folks that we partner with most effectively are the folks who are aligned around our clients' interests.

View my full interview with Donnie Williams here and watch all my Legends & Leaders interviews with senior industry executives at

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