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In this episode of Culture Vulture Live, Ken Mak in our Toronto office talks about the future of Artificial Intelligence.  For those who may not know, AI is a technological advancement that enables a combination of hardware and software to function like a human brain.  It’s been a huge buzzword for marketers, but it’s also become a big trend across industries.

In Australia, researchers developed RoboBEER, which -- you guessed it -- assesses the quality of beer based on 15 parameters like color and alcohol level.  Using the robot, rather than human testers, helps to obtain more consistent and representative results that will help achieve the desired quality of product in a more efficient way.

And in case you have too many robo-beers, neuroscientists at the University of Toronto Scarborough are using AI to literally read minds.  The team is reconstructing images based on brain perception using data gathered during EEG scans, where sensors are placed on a subject’s head to read their brainwaves.  In the future, they want to see how effective these images are and expand to capture other details based on a person’s memory of an event, like nearby objects or geography.

However, while there may be a lot of interesting developments in this area, there’s also a lot of skepticism.  For example, recent research from Proof Inc shows that only 25% of Canadians trust companies involved in all things AI.  And only 38% believe that AI will positively contribute to Canada’s economy.  But despite low trust in AI itself, Canadians are still confident in the companies that are leading its development.  In that same survey, Google and Amazon were ranked as trustworthy by two-thirds of people.

For marketers, it’s important to remember that while innovation and test-and-learn strategies are important, not all customers are going to be ready for the newest technological invention. Does your communication strategy include tried-and-true methods alongside more breakthrough approaches like AI?  You need to ensure that your audience is ready to embrace the association between your product and new technology.

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