Video Interview with Media Legend - Kay Koplovitz

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Kay has had a stunning impact on the media business, founding and serving as CEO of USA Network, the first satellite delivered basic cable network, which she built into the #1 ranking network in primetime viewership. Kay introduced the concept of dual revenue streams for licensing and advertising and was the first woman to head a television network. She’s the author of Bold Women,BigIdeas, the Chairman of Springboard Enterprises, the nation’s premier platform for connecting women with venture capital and chairman of Fifth & Pacific (Formerly Liz Claiborne). She also is chairman of Koplovitz and Company. President Clinton appointed Kay to chair the bipartisan National Women’s Business Council.

Watch this video with: Kay Koplovitz

On June 6, Simulmedia’s Dave Morgan and Jack Myers hosted a dinner for 30 Media Legends, honoring advertising and media executives who played a major role in creating today’s media business. We asked them to look back and look forward in this series of videos.

Kay Kopolovitz

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