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On this episode of Mindshare’s Culture Vulture Live, Alexis Fragale talks about the attention span of a consumer.  How short it is, and how brands can make the most of the time they do have.  There are two ways to approach the average attention span of a person.  One way is to focus on a quick and easy transaction that gives a customer what they want as quickly as possible.  The second approach is to go big with a fully immersive experience that captures all of their attention.

For example, 29Rooms is a Refinery 29 event and called a “Funhouse of Style, Culture and Technology” that connects artists, brands and influencers.  In its third year, this activation includes -- you guessed it -- 29 rooms, each with a different message and style.  Dyson, Larabar and the Women’s March were among the 2017 partners in New York City.  The entire activation is built for social media, with perfect selfie lighting and props galore.  As a result, visitors spent hours interacting and posting about their visit.  29Rooms was so popular that a location in L.A. will open this winter.

Another activation that is focused on both immersion and convenience is the latest Atlanta Falcons app, which debuted at their preseason opener in the new stadium.  The app is the central hub for all Falcons news, videos, photos and a second-screen experience for those attending games in person.  It also allows for easy sharing on social media and resources for finding the nearest tailgate.  The app makes going to the games easier, from holding fans’ electronic tickets to line-skipping and snack-ordering options.  It is a fully integrated experience.

Bottom line for marketers: How are you making experiences either more immersive or more convenient?  We can’t assume that consumers automatically care about your branded message.  Choosing a communication strategy that provides clear value -- whether through convenience or immersion -- is key.

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