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On this episode of Culture Vulture Live we’re talking about phone usage.  According to eMarketer, the average American over the age of 18 spends about four hours per day on his or her smartphone – which is more than 1/6 of your day!  We all know the benefits of having access to the entire internet in the palm of our hands, but this question is for adults:  How are smartphones impacting kids?

A recent study by San Diego State University determined that teens who spent more time on their phones (using social media, gaming, texting or video-chatting) were not as happy as those who played sports, went outside and interacted with real life humans.  This is more serious than regular teen angst:  Kids who spend five hours or more a day on their phones are 71% more likely to have the risk factor for suicide.

An app in Norway, called Hold, rewards students who put their phones down with things like movie tickets and travel vouchers from partner organizations.  Students need to abstain from using their phones for 20 minutes before they start getting points -- which is probably longer than I could go without my own black mirror.

As marketers, it is important to implement an integrated strategy whenever possible.  If a customer is trying to limit their phone use, where else might your brand have a chance to catch their attention?

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