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As a 24-year-old sports fanatic, I try to get an idea of what sports were like before I was able to watch and comprehend them myself. Typically, the best way to do so is to look back at a player's statistics or a team's record from years ago and see which different accolades they achieved, and sometimes to sit through old game footage that lives on YouTube. It is a relatively decent way to get the basic idea of who was good during those times, but it doesn't take into account what was happening during them or all the surrounding circumstances that may have existed.

Len Ferman is the creator and author of The Sports Time Traveler. His column on Substack tracks sporting events from 50 years ago, where he provides game recaps based off newspaper articles from the exact day half a century prior. Len sits down with me on this episode of View from the Grandstand  to explain his passion and inspiration for his column, along with what's coming up soon (in 1973).

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