View from the Grandstand -- The Problem with NBA All-Star Weekend (Video)

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Year by year the regular season for the NBA has gradually gotten less interesting. Now there are more teams in contention after the regular season than ever before and star players are continuously taking games off for load management in order to be as fit as possible for a title run in late spring. As most of this gets overshadowed during football season, the All-Star break has always served as a time for American sports fans to shift focus from the NFL to the NBA, but this year felt different. We saw a G-League player win the once proud Slam Dunk Contest, and it was the lowest viewed All-Star Game in league history.

Granstand host Justin Paura rants on how the current infrastructure of the NBA is frustrating its audience and has caused the downfall of All-Star Weekend. He explains that the timing is especially bad considering this upcoming summer is when the NBA is going to be looking to sign all-new TV rights deals and provides ideas for how to improve what has been a lackluster regular season and All-Star break.

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