The answer to Tuesday's Trivia Question: "Let's be careful out there" was Sgt. Phil Esterhaus' line each week on Hill Street Blues. He was played by Michael Conrad.

FIRST FIVES : Adam Cohen, Dan Realson, Allison Shapiro, Jim Carter & Maryellen Papanicolau
Honorable Mention: Lori Decillis

Sunday's Cable Top 5

The Walking Dead-AMC 5.5/10.8
The Bible-History 2.8/10.8
The Talking Dead-AMC 1.5/4.8
Duck Dynasty-A&E 1.3/2.7 Kristy Carruba
Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo 1.2/2.8

Monday's Broadcast Top 5
Dancing with the Stars-ABC 3.1/16.7
How I Met Your Mother-CBS 2.9/7.3
2 Broke Girls-CBS 2.7/8.3
The Biggest Loser-NBC 2.6/7.3
Mike & Molly-CBS 2.4/8.2

Monday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5
Dancing with the Stars-ABC 281,308
The Biggest Loser-NBC 107,054
How I Met Your Mother-CBS 71,330
The Following-FOX 65,738
Castle-ABC 48,135

Monday's Cable Top 5
NBA Basketball-ESPN 1.7/3.7
WWE-USA 1.5/4.2
Teen Mom-MTV 1.4/2.4
Bates Motel-A&E 1.3/3.0
Storage Wars-A&E 1.1/3.0

Monday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

NBA Basketball-ESPN 1,065,101

WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 275,437

Bates Motel-A&E 153,039

NBA Basketball-ESPN 135,165

Love & Hip Hop-VH1 57,725

Super-hot Ragnar, not quite as hot Rollo and all the Viking guys came home from their big trip west with a whole bunch of treasures feeling pretty proud of themselves. Of course it didn't last long because they all got screwed over by the Earl when he took everything and buried it along with a kid his man took as collateral from some woman on Ragnar's farm. (I didn't really get that part) The Earl did let Ragnar keep the priest for himself. I gotta admit, the priest is kinda cute and I think Ragnar's wife agrees with me since she and Ragnar invited him into their bed for a little action. The priest, being a man of god, declined the offer explaining that it would be a sin, but I think he was regretting it. Ragnar had many questions for the priest and is really interested in learning from him. He went back to the Earl and asked permission to set sail again and permission was granted. This time, Ragnar brought his kick ass wife and left the priest on the farm to take care of the family. The crew landed on the shores of North Umbria and Ragnar did his best for a friendly meeting, but Rollo didn't trust the strangers and of course a bloody battle broke out. I can pretty much predict that Rollo and Ragnar are going to go up against each other soon and I can also predict that the Earl is going to use the rift between the bro's to his advantage.

What a crazy ass show this one is. I thought the last diving show on FOX was ridiculous but Splash is better. You have some girl I never heard of and Joey Lawrence hosting. Joey has officially jumped the shark. He was soooo cute and now he has a very big head with very little hair and the hair he does have left is a very strange color and a very strange shape. He sort of looks like an alien or something. Then you have Greg Louganis as the coach for everyone. Greg is in amazing shape but he is ultra-ultra-tan and I guess I never heard him speak before because his voice is odd. There are 2 judges both of whom are diving experts. If I told you their names it would mean nothing to you, so not going to even try to remember. All I can say is that the scoring of the divers dives made absolutely no sense at all.

Only 5 of the "celebrities" dove last night.
First up, Keshia Knight Pulliam, aka Rudy from The Cosby Show...nice rack, crazy bathing suit and not the greatest dive in the world.

After Rudy, Louis Anderson, the 400 lb comedian, in a very disturbing bathing outfit gave it a shot. In addition to the weight, he had some pretty crazy teeth. Louis couldn't even get out of the pool by himself. It was really embarrassing and awkward, but he was able to get to the high board and dive so I have to give him a bit of credit for trying.

Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb's bathing suit was HIDEOUS, but she is very pretty. I can see what Brent Musberger was talking about. She did okay diving wise.

Skier, Rory Bushfield was very cute and since he's an extreme skier he had little fear of the high board and he had the ability to spin around like crazy in the air. He did an amazing job.

Kareem Abdul Jabar is 65 years old and is extremely large. He was sporting a crazy Laker swimsuit. Unfortunately he landed on his belly pretty hard.

After everyone dove, the bottom two, Rudy and Miss Alabama had a dive off. Rudy got the boot. Sorry to see her go. I couldn't end this review without mentioning the synchronized swimmers who did their thing coming in and out of breaks. It totally reminded me of the Brady Bunch Variety Show. Remember that one? This show is a bit ridiculous, and I'm not giving it a season pass, but if there is nothing better to watch...I'd watch again.

There was so much packed in to one 22 minute episode of Cougar Town last night. Who writes this stuff? You had the town infested with seagulls, Andy always saying "as mayor", Ellie only wearing sweatpants, Grayson not believing in God, Grayson and the gang joining a Dodge Ball team where his belief in personal prayer (not God) helped them win, the young girl in the tight jeans, Bobby and his new "friend Riggs," and Riggs's makeover. With all that going on, I couldn't get past Laurie's see through nurses outfit dress that she seemed to wear for the entire episode even though it took place over multiple days. It was really something to see. I guess that's why they kept her in it so long.

When we last left the Roloff's they were bored and decided to get into the wedding business. Since that's pretty much a seasonal deal, Amy's back to being bored again. She's 50, all of her kids are pretty much out of the house and instead of cleaning the place up, she decided that what will get her out of her funk is to climb Mt. St. Helens. She and her son Zach decide to do it together along with her trainer David and his wife. Amy and Zach are both really little so it's quite a challenge and I'm pretty sure they didn't have any training other than what we saw on the show. It was really rough terrain, and as much as Amy bugs the crap out of me, it was inspiring to see her push herself to achieve this goal. Of course it's TV and she made it. 8365 feet. Congrats Amy. While Amy and Zach were climbing, Matt was building a little red schoolhouse for her since she used to be a preschool teacher. Of course there was a completely staged "accident" when they were moving the structure out of the barn, but it still got done in time as planned. It's TV. Of course it was. What was really the best part of the show was Amy's reactions to both the school house and reaching the summit. For once some real emotion out of her. I liked seeing her nice to Matt for a change. Okay clean your house. I'm begging you. Before the next "very special episode" clean it up.


-Finally got some numbers on Downton Abbey's third season and just as I suspected they are pretty amazing. The show averaged a 7.7 Household rating with an average season audience of 11.5 million viewers. This is up 64% vs. season 2. Downton's season finale averaged an 8.1 Household rating with an average audience of 12.3 million viewers and was the number #2 show of the night. 24 million viewers tuned in to the 7 episode season which was up by 7 million viewers from season 2.

  • Downton Abbey " video content has been viewed on the PBS Video Portal and the PBS Mobile app 13.9 million times to date.
  • Full episodes of Season 3 were viewed 9.7 million times, an increase of 2.1 million views over Season 2.
  • On the day after the Season 3 finale, there were 900,000 video streams and 600,000 unique visitors to the Masterpiece website — the most of any day in site history.

-It's pretty much a fact that people LOVE scary stuff. I am SO not one of those people but man there are a lot of you twisted people out there who love to be scared. Supporting my statement...Bates Motel's premiere Monday night delivered 4.6 million viewers. This is the networks most-watched original drama series debut among the key 18-49 and 25-54 demos
to date. See what I mean?

-Do you guys know about TED? I've been a fan for a while and keep forgetting to bring it up in this blog. TED is a website and app where you can see some amazing "talks" from all over the world. It started out as a conference that centered on technology (that's the "T" part) entertainment ("E") and Design ("D"). The TED conference takes 50 of the world's best ideas to a very eclectic audience, who, I learned in a Jack Myers article, pay 7500 bucks to attend. I've seen some amazing speakers who have opened my brain up to things I would normally never think about. If you have nothing better to do and are looking for something interesting to watch...give it a shot. RIght off the bat, 3 talks that I'd recommend are: Amanda Palmer's, Elizabeth Gilbert's and Lauren Zalaznick's. If you want to learn more about TED, check out the Jack Myers article here.

-HBO cancelled Enlightened. Sorry guys, I know there's a ton of you that love this one.

Wednesday's Trivia Question : Joey Lawrence starred with Mayim Bialik in Blossom. Mayim's currently starring in The Big Bang Theory. What is her character's name on that show?

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