Vote in the 2020 Election: Because Action Speaks Louder Than Words

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As citizens let's do the one thing our democracy has designed for us to do to effect change: vote. According to the US Census Bureau 61% of the population voted in the presidential election in 2016. The 2018 mid-term election was up 9 percentage points compared to just 43% in the mid-terms of 2014. This means that between half and one-thirds of the people with the right to vote do not. How can we criticize our policies and fight partisan battles when the one thing our Constitution has provided us to do about change in government is neglected by so many?

Good policy requires good government and good government must be "for and by the people" yet we limit our opportunity to reach our potential by not exercising our fundamental right to vote?

The 2020 turnout out will be impacted by the Coronavirus, social distancing and the politics of voting by mail, districting and individual state by state law. All legitimate concerns and obstacles to providing the voter turnout we need to elect government officials that may effect change. Everyone must do their very best to fulfill their obligation.

Please vote. Do your part. Explain to your children how they can effect change by always voting in elections. Don't let cynics persuade you that your vote doesn't matter or count. Ask your friends and the people you know to vote. Your vote is personal and it is confidential too.

Vote; because action speaks louder than words.

Mark Altschuler
General Manager/MediaVillage

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