Warrior Rising: MaryAnne Howland on 'You Do You' and Launch of This!

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The road to true diversity is paved with many a best intention foiled by horrid executions, missed cues and embarrassing consequences. Society is the disabler - human value comes in all different forms and bodies. So many myths as to why we can't include everybody.

Today's guest has recognized this fact throughout her career. A pioneer in the Diversity and Inclusion space, she has taken her creativity, expertise in diversity/social equity work and is applying it to a specific industry that will empower an often overlooked population to express itself.

MaryAnne Howland, founder and president, Ibis Communications, Inc., Co-Chair of the American Sustainable Business Council, author of Warrior Rising and is actively launching This! The first ever fashion custom designed for people with disabilities using human design technology.

This! - the tagline says it all Look in the mirror and love what you see. We need to allow people to live fulfilling lives and maximize their potential. MaryAnne shares how she has built companies with cultures that do just this.

MaryAnne's key takeaways:
Make Decisions based on hope not fear
Listen Deeply
Slow Down - it's a much more inclusive way to be.

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