The answer to Wednesday's Trivia Question: The 57 Ford Thunderbird, was Dan Tanna's car in the show VEGAS

FIRST TWO: Phyllis DiCesare and my cousin who was in Vienna yesterday when she responded, Dani Jackel

Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT (CFF)-NBC 2.6/10.2Kristy Carruba




NCIS-CBS 1.1/7.1

Tuesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5



NY MED-ABC 32,165



Tuesday's Cable Top 5


TOSH.O-Comedy Central 1.4/2.3

DEADLIEST CATCH-Discovery 1.3/2.8



Tuesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5


WORKAHOLICS-Comedy Central 98,265

DANCE MOMS-Lifetime 77,675


TOSH.O Comedy Central 49,897


  • Shane seems to always be wearing tank tops that appear to be made for women in both color and style...I wonder if he knows that or is just very comfortable with his feminine side.
  • Finally got to see Shane without any hair better, no worse
  • Frank nominated Shane and Jojo which I was fine withBig+Brother
  • Boogie's "s" eating grin SO annoying
  • Ashley...ewwwwww her description of the perfect guy was ridiculous, but the best trait she requested her perfect man have...the ability to play Monopoly all night long??? Really??? That's not what you want your perfect guy to be doing all night long if you ask me.
  • BB Cantina Veto competition...I need to get one of those Doritos costumes for Halloween!
  • It was driving me nuts who Jojo reminded me of and then I realized who it was...Fran Drescher...right???
  • Shane won the power of Veto...isn't that so perfect
  • Doesn't Boogie look like Adult Baby New Year?
  • BIG BROTHER BELICHICK shirt - what don't I get?
  • Danielle is a crybaby...a big one
  • Frank replaces Shane with crybaby Danielle, so for me...I could care less who leaves, crybaby or The Nanny
  • Some major Dan yelling at the end of the show

-On the AMERICA'S GOT TALENT results show last night, Nick was wearing some pretty snazzy plaid pants and not sure if I've ever heard the term "blazed it" before, but Nick is putting it on the map, so I am going to help it spread as much as possible.

First up...Olate Dogs...1 for 1 so far. The Olate Dogs "blazed it" on Tuesday nights show with theirAGT incredible performance (See, I'm starting to spread the phrase already). Cher Lloyd who reminds me of the girl from Karmin was pretty good. Okay, second act that was put through...William Close...WWTM is now 2 for 2. Third act put through and third correct pick for me...Joe Castillo the sand man. The final act of the night that made it through to the semifinals I predicted...Dittelman the mind I am 4 for 4 three weeks in a row. We now go on break until after the Olympics.

Jimmy+Fallon-I had all of the snacks ready, comfy clothes on, and waited for Jimmy Fallon to come over so we could sing along to his Primetime music special together. Guess what...he didn't show...I love him, and know he's busy, but he could have at least called to let me know he couldn't make it. I forgive him...I'm fine, I still watched the entire show even though, as I expected, it was pretty much all of the same clips I've posted on this blog of Jimmy's amazing musical performances. I was sort of hoping we would get something new, or some "surprise" guest appearance, but...alas, we did not. Still fun and still enjoyable, but I gotta admit, between the lack of the doorbell ringing, and the lack of something new, I was a tiny tiny bit disappointed...but I still love you Jimmy!

KELLY wore the PERFECT dress today on LIVE WITH KELLY...perfect. It was gorgeous, it Kelly+Ripacomplemented her amazing muscles, it was a good color, and it was COOL!!! FInally, Faith Cromas, Kelly's stylist on the show got it right. Note to Faith...STOP...go back and watch the ON another note...Joel McHale does nothing for me. Good news for pretty much everyone...

Comedy Central has extended its contracts with both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. THE DAILY SHOW is now renewed through mid-2015, while THE COLBERT REPORT has been picked up through 2014. According to Zap2it, The two Comedy Central series are the only late night shows to post year-over-year ratings growth among adults 18-49 this season. THE DAILY SHOWis up 10% while THE COLBERT REPORTis up 11%. Wait, I'm happy for them and everything, but is that right? I would argue that WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE has showed year over year ratings growth among adults 18-49 this season as I wrong? If Bill McLaughlin is reading this...let me know...more than happy to shoot a note to Zap2it and let them know if there is something wrong with their figures. I will defend Andy Cohen...I will!

Another apology...this time to Chad Everett, who died at the age of 75 yesterday. I didn't think he Chad+Everettwas dead already like Sherman Hemsley, I just forgot all about him, which is probably worse than thinking he was dead. Anyway, if I wasn't already committed to the car theme this week for trivia, I would ask you all what TV show Chad was famous for...answer...MEDICAL CENTER. He played Dr. Joe Gannon. Sorry I forgot you Chad...RIP

-I do ALL of these ALL the time!


Thursday's Trivia Question: Name the show and make/model of the car...

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