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Networks work to entertain, amuse and educate viewers, and they work with their advertisers to help ensure an ad's message is hitting The Right Audience™. TRA, with its new Storyfinder™ application, helps both networks and advertisers by quickly providing relevant insights based on Purchaser Rating Points™ (PRPs).

Take A&E; with its unique mix of original dramas like "The Glades" and "Breakout Kings," and real-life programs such as "Dog the Bounty Hunter,"  "Storage Wars," "Hoarders" and "Billy the Exterminator," it continues to draw sizeable audiences. Auto manufacturers and dealers should be aware that if they are looking to reach likely owners of trucks, pickups, mid-range and small-sized cars, they can look to A&E. Consider that likely Honda owners' A&E rating is 30% higher than the overall A&E rating; likely Nissan owners are 26%.

Auto manufacturers can really rev up their ROI by making more informed programming choices; in fact, all advertisers can get more mileage from their ad dollars by using the insights available from TRA's Media TRAnalytics.

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