The answer to Monday's Trivia Question: Chris Pratt currently plays Andy on Parks & Recreation, but he used to play Efrem's BFF, Bright Abbott on Everwood.

FIRST TWO!: Bobby Aguilera & Daniel Block

Friday's Cable Top 5

Gold Rush-Discovery 1.7/4.0

Jungle Gold-Discovery 1.0/2.4

Gold Rush-Discovery .8/2.0

Duck Dynasty-A&E .8/1.8Kristy Carruba

College Basketball-ESPN .8/1.6

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5

Sunday Night Football-NBC 7.0/18.6

Football/The Simpsons-FOX 5.6/13.2

Football Night in America-NBC 4.4/12.9

Once Upon a Time-ABC 2.7/8.6

Bob's Burgers/Family Guy-FOX 2.7/5.3

Sunday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

Sunday Night Football-NBC 134,036

Once Upon a Time-ABC 94,988

Family Guy-FOX 88,246

Revenge-ABC 77,641

The Simpsons-FOX 73,176

Sunday's Cable Top 5


Sunday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

The Walking Dead-AMC 647,583

The Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo 84,117

Breaking Amish-TLC 67,999

Nicki Minaj-E! 59,756

Dexter-Showtime 58,010

Top DVR'ed Primetime Programs for the week of 10/22/12-10/28/12

Modern Family-ABC from a 4.9 to a 7.3

The Big Bang Theory-CBS from a 5.0 to a 7.2

Grey's Anatomy-ABC from a 3.0 to a 4.9

Once Upon a Time-ABC from a 3.4 to a 4.9

New Girl-FOX from a 2.7 to a 4.2

I think I know Coco pretty well at this point...Well as much as one can know a reality show personality who I've never actually met. So, I was surprised when I noticed that she had her tongue pierced. Did I miss that? No way. She must have just recently had it done or something. This weekIce+Loves+Coco on Ice Loves Coco, there were two issues. The first was Coco wanting to freeze her eggs, which she decided NOT to do. The second was FOX's Good Day New York had invited Coco to be a guest meteorologist on their morning show. Not an easy task especially if you are NOT an actual meteorologist. I wish I'd have known when Coco was actually doing the show, I would have watched it. She was a mess, but she pulled it off. Ice had another Ice'ism in Sunday's show. Ice's words of wisdom for Coco when discussing freezing her eggs: "ya think long ya think wrong". Ya gotta love the Ice'isms, they're hilarious.

On How I Met Your Mother, Marshall was wearing the Baby Bjorn thing and doing way too many things like pull ups, with the fake baby in it. Can you make a baby look any faker? During the "Autumn of Breakups", it was Robin's turn to dump the ultra stupid but ultra cute, Nick, but she just couldn't seem to get the job done. Barney told her that he was going to send out a BFF Fun Day evite to Patrice a crazy How+i+Met+Your+Motherco-worker obsessed with Robin if she didn't break up with Nick by a certain time. Of course, Robin can't close the deal, so Barney shows up to perform the breakup and basically pours his heart out and declares his love for Robin. As a viewer, I totally bought it, but Barney says it was all an act. Even Robin thought his declaration was too real and just as they are about to kiss...Patrice calls and ruins everything. Guess we have to wait...AGAIN! Am I the only one that feels bad for Alyson Hannigan? This season she's been flaunting her cleavage (I think she's still breast feeding her baby) and nobody cares and nobody seems to notice. Nobody but me, that's sad.

On The Voice, Drooptina paid homage to Adam and wore a ripped up T-Shirt that had to utilize strategically placed tape in order to insure we didn't witness a wardrobe malfunction. Adam and Blake took their bromance to a whole new level wearing complementary grey outfits. Both of them looked hot though, but of course I'm partial to Adam. The top 12 last night.

Michaela Page kicked off the night with Pink's "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" I hated it. I'm not a big fan of hers. While she did get rid of the triangle hair, I hated the new look and I really didn't like her version of the song at all.The+Voice

Dez Duron sang "Can't Take My Eyes off You". Droopy said Dez was singing Lauryn Hill's version of the song, but it was more of the Frankie Valli version, if you ask me (and Blake). Dez is really cute, but he really doesn't have the strongest voice in the competition and can't win this thing.

Adrianna Louise sang Carrie Underwood's "Good Girl" and did a great job. I loved when she went over to Adam. He looked honestly freaked out a bit. First good performance of the night.

Cody Belew sang "Simply the Best". I thought he did a decent job, but it wasn't that special. he's a better performer than he is a singer.

Amanda Brown performed "Spectrum". I hated the song, but she was great.

Bryan Keith sang "Back to Black". Best of the night at this point and I don't think I've ever heard the song before.

Cassadee Pope belted out "Behind These Hazel Eyes". Decent job, it looked like she was playing the guitar way too fast though for the song, but her performance was great.

Trevin Hunte killed it with a "When a Man Loves a Woman". I'm definitely no CeeLo or Blake, buy in my opinion, Trevin's gotta be the favorite at this point.

Melanie Martinez the half and half bow girl, sang cough syrup. I bleeped right through her because I can't stand her.The+Voice

Nicholas David sang Huey Lewis's "Power of Love" and knocked it out of the park. Not the greatest song choice, but he was amazing anyway. He can't be bad, he's way too good. Nick looks like his eyes don't have the ability to open all the way doesn't he? I don't think he can see the entire world the way the rest of us do because his eyelids don't seem to open all the way.

I get nervous when anyone sings Celine Dion's "My Heart WIll Go On", but Sylvia Jacoub, my favorite, made it look pretty simple and sang a flawless version of the song.

Terry McDermott closed the show with Boston's "More than a Feeling". Perfect way to close it out. Great job.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was actually sort of boring, but then again, most 4 year olds birthday parties are, even in Beverly Hills. Sure Kyle had a lot of animals and games and stuff, but net net it was still a 4 year olds birthday party. Adrienne and Lisa still haven't made up and at this point, Paul and Adrienne seem okay. Actually they seem better than okay especially compared to Real+Housewives+of+Beverly+Hillsseasons passed, so who knows what went wrong, but I'm guessing we'll find out soon enough. Taylor did the first normal thing a BH housewife has ever done...she had a few friends over to her house for dinner. Sure she had her housekeeper helping and sure she had a million dollars in glassware but it was still a nice night with friends, where she buttered the guys up to walk in heels for charity. The guys agreed to help her out. and flew the private jet to Sacramento, walked in heels and flew back just in time for Portia's boring party.

Some interesting facts about Tablet Owners:

  • 90% of Tablet owners multi-task I do!
  • 40% of the time people are on their tablets they are doing something else I am!
  • 63% are watching TV That would be ME!
  • 46% are eating a meal Me definitely me
  • 40% are talking to others Nope, not usually
  • 36% are on their cellphones Never
  • 27% are listening to the radio Sometimes
  • 25% are cooking Sometimes
  • 22% are travelling Always
  • 17% are getting dressed Never done this one
  • 17% are shopping not usually
  • 15% are exercising Yes, watched The Good Wife while on the elliptical at the gym
  • 28% are on their laptops/desktop not normally, I actually prefer my laptop

41% of TV time is two screen viewing for tablet owners

What are people doing on their tablets while they are watching TV?

  • 78% check email yep
  • 55% visit unrelated websites check
  • 40% Play video games done it
  • 36% download or use an unrelated app done it
  • 34% read a digital book or magazine not so much
  • 28% use IM/text message done it
  • 25% watch other video done it
  • 19% listen to music not usually.
  • 11% use the tablet as a remote control nope haven't done this yet

Well, I guess it was inevitable for even Led Zeppelin to sell out. If they had already, I'm unaware of it, but with the release of their "Celebration Day" album, and companion documentary on DVD the Led+Zepplinband has agreed to allow NBC's Revolution the use two of its iconic songs. "Kashmir" and "Since I've Been Loving You", will both be featured in next week's episode of the show. Led Zep currently has a deal with Warner Brothers Music and Revolution is produced by Warner Brothers TV so I guess someone wanted to meet the band really bad and made this all happen. Just in case you are wondering, Robert Plant is 64,. Jimmy Page is 68 , John Bonham is dead but there is a 4th member of Led Zep...Check out today's trivia question?

News and Information

*ABC's Extreme Home Makeover returns on Monday 11/26 I don't know anyone that still watches this one do you? *Married to Jonas has been renewed for a second season! It's coming back this Spring and I couldn't be any happier!. Maybe by then, Dani will be off her meds and pregnant...guessing NOT though.

*Rob Marciano has been tapped as Nancy O'Dell's new co-host on Entertainment Tonight. Who???

*Congratulations to Susanne Daniels, former head of programming of the WB and new president of programming for MTV. Good Luck Susanne! Here's an idea to get the ball rolling...VIDEOS! Back to Basics...VIDEOS!

Tuesday's Trivia Question: Who is the 4th member of Led Zeppelin not mentioned above?

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