Where Have All the Ideas Gone? When Will Media Ever Learn?

By The Myers Report Archives
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Paraphrasing the classic Joan Baez song Where Have All the Flowers Gone, where have all the ideas – all the innovation – gone in advertising and media? I'm inspired by the more than 100 articles, columns and thought leadership published at MediaVillage since March 1, when we first began publishing content focused on the challenges and solutions for marketing during the COVID-19 crisis. The primary focus of executive leadership communications is on new data, technology upgrades, market insights, content innovation, sales initiatives, and programming reviews. Very few are focused on the innovative ideas for advertisers to implement, on sponsorship opportunities or more effective ways to connect marketers' brand messages to relevant content environments. The irony is the origination of the Upfront, which focused exclusively on sponsorships and brand marketers’ connections with content brands. On May 27th at 11am, The Myers Report will share results for the industry from the new Survey of 700 Advertiser and Agency Executives on Perceptions of 80 Media Companies' Sales Organization Performance and Value.

Our survey was fielded from February 10 to March 15 and offers a unique and exclusive snapshot of the strengths, weaknesses, obstacles, and opportunities of the media business, 12 media categories and 80 media companies. Smart management is using the several months of cataclysmic disruption to address and exploit strengths and weaknesses identified in the study through effective content marketing and organizational response. As the industry moves into the recovery stage, most likely in early 2021, The Myers Report will conduct a parallel study to ascertain which media companies and sectors are emerging weaker and which stronger.

The Myers Report study clearly reflects that we are an industry that has become heavily commoditized, driven by data and analytics rather than by innovation, ideas, and creativity. Isn't it ironic that a business founded first and foremost on the principles of creativity is now placing innovation, branded content associations and investments in content toward the bottom of the hierarchy in terms of importance?

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