Which Media Sales Organizations are Most Trusted to Deliver on Promises?

By The Myers Report Archives
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How trusted are media sales organizations to consistently and reliably deliver on their promises, whatever those promises may be? Scroll down for the top 25 most trusted sales organizations across different stakeholder groups. Those companies that have prioritized trust and reliable ratings delivery as part of their organizational DNA are more likely to capture market share in the challenging COVID-19 era and beyond. Organizations that, by design or lack of accurate ratings estimates, fail to engender high trust are most likely to lose market share. According to The Myers Report Survey of 700 Advertiser and Agency Executives on Perceptions of 80 Media Companies' Strengths, Weaknesses, Obstacles and Opportunities, agency executives rank Trusted Partnerships as the most important sales organization attribute in their media planning and buying decision-making. Advertiser executives involved in the media process rank Trusted Partners 3rd most important, behind Brand Safety Environment and Relevant Audience Reach. It's important to note that a failure to be among the top 25 does not necessarily reflect mistrust or negative performance ratings, but are more likely to reflect a performance rating weighted by a higher percentage of "3" ratings on the five-point scale rather than "1" and "2" ratings generated by market leaders. Fewer than 10% of respondents rate the large majority of the 80 companies negatively. Across ten metrics measuring sales organization performance, we've found significant inconsistencies across different respondent groups as reflected in the charts below. The Myers Report data also represents insights for advertisers and agencies on which media partners they can most trust to reliably deliver on promises as they navigate through these turbulent and changing period and as we move toward recovery and beyond. The full research study methodology is available here.

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For the attribute I trust the ad sales team to reliably deliver on their promises, across 80 media organizations, here are the TOP 25 sales organizations among different respondent groups.

I trust the ad sales team to reliably deliver on their promises


Based on percent of respondents rating each organization Top 2-Box.
5-point rating scale from Poor (1) to Excellent (5).

Details and methodology available to MediaVillage Member companies
Respondents must self-identify as being in a business relationship with the organization to qualify for rating the company

*CBS and Viacom were rated separately based on THE 2019 performance of each prior to combination.
The following represents a cross section of available respondent groups.
Custom analyses are available to MediaVillage member companies.
For a full list of 80 media sales organizations included in the survey, link here to the methodology.









Respondents self-identify companies with which they have a professional relationship and are asked to rate each company on a 1-5 scale.
Organizational rankings are based on percent of qualified respondents rating each of their selected companies Top 2 Box (4,5)

  1. The ad sales team delivers on my expectations for data and measurement.
  2. The ad sales team explains & offers their advanced automated technology (programmatic, addressable) resources.
  3. I trust the ad sales team to reliably deliver on their promises.
  4. The ad sales team proactively helps me be more effective in my role.
  5. The ad sales team provides innovative opportunities and resources.
  6. The ad sales team understand my/my client's objectives.
  7. The ad sales team instills confidence in their product and its value to me/my clients.
  8. The ad sales team shares insights and leadership through trade marketing and communications.
  9. I am satisfied with the performance of the ad sales team over the past year.
  10. In the next 12 months, how do you expect your media investment with each company to change?
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