White Paper: Online Industry Response to 'Do Not Track' Backlash

By The Myers Report Archives
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As a service to subscribers, Jack Myers Media Business Report is distributing a new white paper, published by the Internet Content Syndication Council, (download the report here) that provides a detailed, neutral analysis of the various legislative and regulatory do-not-track proposals and presents an alternative approach to optimizing online advertising dollars. "A 'No Tracking' Model of Online Advertising: Content Syndication" makes a case for content syndication as an effective strategy for precisely targeting consumers while avoiding privacy concerns. The members of ICSC are included in the report. (Media Business Report is receiving no compensation for this distribution and has no vested interest in it.)

Although advertisers continue to accelerate their use of "behavioral tracking," they are now facing a growing backlash. According to a Consumers Union poll conducted in June 2011, over 80% of consumers want a one-off method to opt out of tracking—and two-thirds want the government to make that happen.

In response, several bills have been introduced in Congress that would limit the ability of advertisers to engage in behavioral tracking, and "do-not-track" has already been the subject of hearings in both the House and the Senate. Additionally, the Federal Trade Commission is considering imposing "Do Not Track" restrictions that would do the same even if legislation is not enacted. Advertisers already struggling to get their messages out without alienating consumers are feeling pressure to reduce their reliance on behavioral targeting and, as a result, to explore new strategies for reaching target audiences.

Download the report now "A 'No Tracking' Model of Online Advertising: Content Syndication"

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