White Paper: Sixty-Years of Daily Newspaper Circulation Trends. U.S., Canada, U.K.

By Jack Myers ThinkTank Archives
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Today’s daily newspaper circulation and revenue realities – in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. – are, in fact, part of a long term trend that goes back more than half a century,” write the analysts at Communic@tions Management Inc. (info@media-cmi.com) CMI’s excellent white paper outlining these long-term trends, the implications and CMI’s perspectives for the future of the newspaper industry are available exclusively to subscribers to Jack Myers Media Business Report. Subscribers can download the PDF version athttp://www.jackmyers.com/commentary/jackmyers-think-tank/Sixty-Years-of-Daily-Newspaper-Circulation-Trends.html?c=n.CMI suggests we are coming to “the end of the ‘Century of Mass Media’ and we now are in an era in which new and old media are competing for our attention, in which we have the luxury of both the “mainstream” and the “alternative”. But we have to consider what the alternatives might look like if, or when, the mainstream is gone or much diminished.” Click here to download the full CMI report.

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