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Looking for a way to improve your return on media investment? Here’s a tip, change the way you look at the picture to determine in which programs you advertise. Leveraging TRA’s patented Media TRAnalytics® purchaser targets bring new information into the media planning and buying arena. For example, below the programs have been ranked on plain, old, ordinary ratings for households with Adults age 18 to 49. But, when you look at those same programs by their concentration of Adults 18-49 who buy Diet Soft Drinks loyally versus those Adults 18-49 who buy Regular Soft Drinks loyally, you see a completely different picture. Four of the top 10 have a significantly higher concentration of Adults 18-49 who are Loyal Diet Soft Drink buyers, and one of these programs has a very low concentration of Adults 18-49 who are loyal buyers of regular Soft Drinks. Remember with TRA, these purchases are based on ACTUAL purchase behavior, not recall, or surveyed information. With these new learnings, you would plan, buy and improve ROI.

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