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Vogue is a media icon. Glamour is a world class brand. Magazine brands generate trust and a "club membership" association. So, can anyone explain to me why most magazine companies have such antiquated business models? For example, if 70% or more of all the revenue generated for Conde Nast come from a corporate sales group that consists of approximately a hundred or so people, how can Conde Nast justify having 800+ people (that's 8 times as many) to generate the remaining 30% of the business??? Most agencies and clients do not have the time or personnel to see so many ad sales reps from magazines and they prefer major corporate programs. Yet each Conde Nast magazine has its own large sales, marketing, promotion, and sales assistant's staffs selling the endemic 30%? Conde Nast could easily save 500+ head count and invest more in digital. Tradition dies slowly. Hopefully Conde Nast will not do the same.

5% Of All TV Viewers Are Now Watching Pre-Recorded Shows Without the Commercials
Nielsen has the data, and ad agencies and clients will be watching this closely. The implications are clear; time pressured working adults are creating their own networks. One story has it that many Jay Leno fans pre-record his show to watch it at 11:30. Major sporting events, awards shows, etc. will become even more sought after.

Why Doesn't the New York Post Make Money?
The Post seems to be chock full of ads It now charges $0.50, the same as the Daily News, for its New York City edition. Yes, circulation is down dramatically, but that's due to the Post giving away all its content for free on its Web site. I love Page Six, Keith Kelly and the Post's Business Section; but I read it every day for free online!

Coalition For Innovative Media Measurement - A Pipe Dream Or Will It Finally Happen? Why Hasn't The MPA Joined?
Major media companies such as CBS, News Corporation, Starcom and Viacom are investing in exploring and developing needed cross platform measurement of video across Television, Internet and Mobile. Sad to say magazines are not part of the mix as Nina Link and the MPA failed to get involved i.e. magazine Web sites. Alan Wurtzel, NBC Universal's media research guru, deserves a great deal of credit for spearheading this effort.

Ed Kelly At Amex Publishing Has A Winning Recipe For Food & Wine And Travel & Leisure
Unlike Gourmet whose sub offer was $17, Food & Wine charges a profitable $37 a year for a subscription. Same high price for Travel & Leisure, which insures a committed and upscale readership. How come other publishers don't form partnerships with other credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard?

What's Happened To CNN?
My take, too many liberal commentators too often. While some of Fox News' commentators are more amusing than informative; they do entertain and give viewers a different slant. Aside from Lou Dobbs and Larry King most of CNN seems like a Saturday Night Live parody on a news program. Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are somewhat annoying. Bill O'Reilly, while an extreme conservative, is fast moving, unpredictable and highly entertaining.

How Do You Navigate 357 Channels?
Recently I upgraded my cable and now have over 350 channels to select from. When I am lucky I catch a great movie that I was unaware was being shown or even a Broadway show. My biggest challenge is knowing what's out there. Why can't Cablevision send me a daily e-mail listing of what's coming up that evening per my subscription? To save time I will most likely reduce my programming service. Time Inc. should relaunch TV CABLE WEEK, but digitally.

Don Q Rums Is Increasing Its Market Share & Sales Thanks To Its Ad Agency
CCOM Group, a Miami based multimedia agency that specializes in highly effective market promotional programs, as well as traditional and digital advertising, is the answer. They do something that has become unique today: they spend time with their clients' sales and marketing teams to make sure that their objectives are met. Plus they go on sales calls with their clients. Luis Gonzalez, CCOM Group CEO is the key brand strategist (Luis@CComGroupInc.Com). The Miami area seems to be a hot bed of "Mad Men" type agencies that produced the likes of George Lois, Bill Bernbach and Jerry DellaFemina.

Things to do this week:

1. Study New YorkMagazine's website. It's the best in the business.

2. Ask a few teenagers how many books they read a year for pleasure. You'll be surprised.

3. Find a new cable channel that you have never watched before.

4. Read any issue of Harper's Magazine (not Bazaar) just for its index.

5. Make sure Conde Nast does not send you Bon Appetit if you had a subscription to Gourmet.

6. Don't miss Keith Kelly in the NY Post.

7. If in NYC, visit the main Apple Store on Fifth Avenue & 56th Street and see firsthand why traditional media no longer works.

8. Buy a copy of The New York Times. Otherwise it may cut another 100 people from its newsroom.

9. Keep a diary of your media & entertainment activities as well as how many hours you work and sleep

10. If you are one of the 52% of all Americans who hate their jobs, start looking for a new one! Market your skill set, not your job title. Remember, if you can sell toothpaste you can sell diamonds!

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