Why Gen Z Loves Aesthetics and How That Impacts Your Brand (VIDEO)

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In ancient Greece, there was much philosophical reflection on poetry, painting, music and all things beautiful, and these reflections had an enormous influence on culture. Fast forward to today and we are observing the renaissance of "aesthetics" as expressed by the Gen Z cohort, representing the fastest-growing segment of online consumers. Nowadays, the cultural meaning of an aesthetic is a collection of visuals, objects, music, clothes and text that represents a specific emotion, purpose and community.

The aesthetics trend is what unifies the Gen Z demographic, which is more racially and ethnically diverse than any previous generation, and they are on track to be the most well-educated generation in history. They are also digital natives who've only lived with their smartphones by their sides, creating new digital worlds to reflect their authentic selves -- through color, story and moving image.

Hear what influences the Gen Z demographic and the role of aesthetics in their lives from Canvas Worldwide's Russ Josephs, Vice President Group Director and Cole Jackson, Supervisor, Consumer Insights. As part of Canvas Worldwide's Decision Road team, they'll take us on a journey of self-expression, discovery and picturesque countryscapes!

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