Why Good Design Matters for All Brands

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In today’s competitive market, building a strong brand image is crucial to the success of any business, and building a strong image starts with good design. Graphic design is the art of combining text, images and colors to create visually appealing assets that convey your brand's unique message. All this visual information works together to create eye-catching appeal, and that is essential to brand awareness and recognition. Your branding is the life, the personality and the overall voice of your company. 

Making good, consistent design choices is arguably the most important thing you can do for your brand image to create a strong visual identity. You only have a miniscule amount of time to make an impression on a potential customer and your design choices are paramount in capturing their attention. When a customer sees a well-designed logo, website, or even your font choices they are more likely to remember your brand and recognize it in the future. If you think about massive, iconic brands, they all have logos and design characteristics that you remember — and that builds trust and familiarity. That level of attention to brand image isn’t just reserved for Amazon and Nike, it is vitally important to all brands and products.

Besides just being eye-catching, good brand design can also communicate your brand’s values and message. For example, if your small business is focused on sustainability and eco-friendliness your logo and marketing materials can reflect that through earthy colors and nature imagery. Your customer sees your color and logo choices and immediately creates a mental association with other environmentally friendly products which, again, promotes trust and familiarity. The impact of emotional associations with designs is powerful and really can’t be overstated.  Your customers are taking in your entire design package and something as small as using a font with incongruous connotations can undermine your brand’s message (think using flowing cursive on a brand line marketed towards Gen-z males).

Overall, investing in good brand design is crucial for the success of your business in the long run. It can help you stand out in a crowded market, communicate your message and values, and create a lasting impression on your customers. Good branding drives home the message of your paid ad campaign efforts. A well designed website is crucial to the success of a campaign that drives to that website. If you are ready to take your brand to the next level, consider hiring a professional designer to overhaul your look. You won’t be disappointed.

This article was written by Taylor Sterry, Marketing Specialist, a4.

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