Video: Why Marketers Need to Know About Advanced Currencies

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Advanced currencies are a relatively new phenomenon, allowing television advertisers to identify audiences by moving beyond a standard age and sex demography to focus on consumer targets.

So why aren't more marketers focusing on advanced currencies today? According to Chris Wilson, Executive Vice President National Television at comScore, it's just a matter of time. As he explains, "It's an evolutionary process. In the television marketplace, age and sex demography have been the currency for over fifty years, and what we're seeing is, more and more advertisers are expecting accountability. This has kind of driven their desire to be able to use these advance currencies and targets to be able to understand where they're going to find the highest concentration and the most efficient delivery of their customers, on TV content."

Watch the two-minute video above to hear more from Chris Wilson on the future of TV advertising and how Viacom and comScore are working together to give advertisers have the opportunity to transact on richer audience segments that more directly represent their target consumer.

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