Window On COVID-19 (the Novel Coronavirus) Part II

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As we are heading into a new phase of the global spreading of the COVID-19 crisis, and what are the implications for the US and global economy and business? Obviously, the outcomes will differ depending on whether the peak of new COVID-19 cases arrives before the end of the April or whether it further escalates and extends into the early summer. Also, the attempts to “flatten” the curve of new cases will determine the impact on economy and business.


Bart van Ark, Executive Vice President & Chief Economist, The Conference Board


Joel Klein, M.D.,Interim Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, University of Maryland Medical System

Catherine L. Mann, Ph.D., Global Chief Economist, Citibank

Steve Odland,President and CEO, The Conference Board, Inc.

Nick Redman, Director of Analysis and Editor in Chief, Oxford Analytica

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