Winning the Accounts Receivable Collection Race (Video)

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As 2024 unfolds, the economy is showing signs of brightening, with interest rates coming down, the housing market rebounding and other sectors getting back on track. But credit and collections continue to face uncertainties brought about by business consolidation and other factors. Whether you are brand new to credit and collections or have been in the business for some time and could use some great tips for more successful outcomes, you've come to the right place.

In this installment of Credit Where Due, Robin Szabo, President of Szabo Associates, a renowned expert in the credit and collections field – and longtime MFM partner and supporter -- chats with Szabo's Legal Services Manager Sandi Henderson, offering his expertise and best practices to address today's ever-changing climate. From relationship-building to creative payment plans to the best ways to resolve disputes, this tutorial will answer questions you have, and possibly some you haven't yet thought of.

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